Why you should hire a Professional Event Planner for your wedding dinner or anniversary event

It takes a lot of effort to organise and execute a wedding anniversary on your own, and while the experience can be rewarding and memorable, it is also time-consuming. You can save both time and money by hiring a wedding organiser, as opposed to doing everything yourself. Throughout the planning process, from research and design to event management, a professional anniversary planner will work with you to handle as much as possible of your wedding.

The couple is welcome to reflect on how far they’ve gone as a relationship on this day, regardless of how long they’ve been together. The couple is also encouraged to express their affection for one another. Wedding anniversaries are a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the past, express gratitude, and enhance your affection for your spouse. Thinking of organizing an event at Selangor, one of the state in Malaysia, do not worry; professional event planner in Selangor has all of the solutions to your questions about organizing and arranging your anniversary celebration.

Anniversary Event Planner in Malaysia provides a comprehensive range of services to ensure that your special day is as unforgettable as possible. You will receive exactly what you desire during your anniversary celebration. You can make your special day one that everyone will remember for years to come by, including some of the best event planning ideas. Anniversary Event Planner understands that you want your anniversary celebration to be everything you’ve ever dreamed it might be.

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Can you get multi-cuisine foods when ordering for food delivery services to your home?

Why do people order food at home?

People sometimes prefer food delivery at home when they wish to spend some time at home instead of going out to a restaurant. There can be several reasons for this behavior. Most of the time food is asked to be delivered at home when it is late at night or by teenagers whose parents are not at home at that time. If guests arrive at home and there is nothing special cooked, then in such a situation also, people tend to ask for food to be delivered from restaurants to home. Sometimes, it is the weather conditions that allow people to stay at home and enjoy their time and most of the time people might not be in the mood or in the condition to go out and enjoy good food, but they are still able to enjoy it by asking the food to be delivered at home. Whatever the reason might be, recent trends have revealed that the percentage of people who wish that food should be delivered at home has increased as compared to previous year. It just required one call, and the food appears at door and the person does not have to get ready to go out and eat.

Ordering multi-cuisine food to home

These days, restaurants are also allowing their customers to enjoy multi-cuisine food delivery. The purpose of every restaurant is to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their services because if people are unhappy with the services of any restaurant, not only do they stop visiting that restaurant but they might also create a negative image about the restaurant in the minds of other potential customers. People also prefer to enjoy multi-cuisine food at home and if the restaurants do not have the policy to provide them with what they wish, then the customers will seek for the services of another restaurant, which can give them what they want. This is the main reason why restaurants are now willing to provide multi-cuisine foods and trying to improve their services as much as they can due to the fierce competition that they face from other restaurants and caterers. Even in catering services, if the people plan to organize an event and wish the caterers to provide them with multi-cuisine food, they also tend to do so in order to ensure that the customers are satisfied and happy with what they receive. Continue reading »

Advantages and Disadvantages of online food delivery

Delivering food – a rising concept

Online food delivery is a concept coming into light nowadays. This is because many people have access to internet 24 hours and therefore, it is not difficult for them to use websites to find out about restaurants who deliver food. If you are too busy to cook a meal for yourself as well as your family or you have called your friends over for a party, businesses who offer services of delivering food at doorsteps are of immense importance to you. You can contact them and get all the foods that you want delivered at your house in no time!

Advertising and website promotion of businesses that deliver food

A business that engages in online food delivery has to be extremely cautious when it comes to maintaining and updating its websites. Moreover, it is also essential for them to make sure that their website is attractive, easy to use and shows pictures of the food that they are planning to deliver to customers. These are the marketing techniques, which they can use in order to expand their business and have more and more customers. Updating the website is a necessity because of competition. One of the most important advantages of these websites are that they are likely to offer special deals as well as discounts to customers and many even offer free delivery!

A word of caution

If you are planning to use online food delivery option to have a meal delivered at your house, you need to be careful about a few things. Firstly, make sure that the websites that you are using are reliable. In order to assure this, you can search the websites of your favorite Chinese restaurant and find out whether they deliver food. It is also a good idea to ask your friends and family about the service and delivery efficiency before having food delivered. This is because, at times, the food might not appear to be fresh and of good quality, and this might be a waste of money. This is one of the disadvantages of engaging in online food delivery rather than cooking at home or eating at a restaurant. Moreover, the deliveryman might bring you the wrong order and this will lead to a lot of time wasted and your plans with friends or family might be spoiled.

Utilizing this service to the utmost

Apart from some of its drawbacks, there are numerous benefits of using these services. This is because once you are sure of the quality of the food and speed of delivery, you can order food more regularly and get familiar with all the deals and discounts and avail their benefits. Moreover, you can make use of the websites to keep yourself updated with new special deals and deals that come with special occasions such as Christmas and New Year. So go ahead and start using online food delivery and have eat your favorite food whenever you want to!


Top Five Malaysian Cuisines to help Food Promotion of Malaysia


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Malaysia -The best place for food lovers

Food promotion has helped Malaysia to attract many local and foreign tourists from all around the world. The tourism industry of Malaysia has flourished considerably over the past few years and not only have they been able to attract tourists towards the beautiful mountains and natural scenery that it has but people are also interested in trying the amazing cuisines that are available in this country. Recent studies have shown that when other economies were suffering from the shocks of recession, Malaysia was amongst those few countries which was able to achieve a magnificent growth rate in the number of tourists that visited that place which shows that its promotional techniques has been effective.

What are the top five cuisines that have promoted the food and tourism industry of Malaysia?

Food promotion proved to be crucial in the development and growth of Malaysian economy. This has shown that a nation needs to promote its strengths and main sectors so that people are attracted towards them People would not be able to know about the food or places of any country if the country itself does not make sufficient efforts to highlight and promote them. The top five cuisines of Malaysia include Roti Canai, Chilli Pan Mee, Malaysian Satay, Char Kuay Teow and Nasi Lemak etc. There are several other cuisines, which could make a person’s mouth water just by looking at them and enhaling their delicious aroma. People from all around the world love to try the Malaysian cuisines whenever they visit the place and this is also because of the hospitable nature of the Malaysians. However, the fat cannot be ignored that food promotion has contributed a lot in creating demand for the cuisines.

What is a major feature of the cuisines of Malaysia?

Malaysia includes people who belong to different cultural backgrounds. Apart from Malays, there is also a large chunk of population of Chinese people and also Indians. This is the main reason why there is a large variety in the cuisines in this country. People from different regions around the world can visit this place and eat the food that they fin delicious. The Malay cuisines mostly include ingredients such as pandan leaves, fresh herbs, lemon grass, kunyit and wild ginger buds etc. Chinese foods are mostly crisp and fresh because they do not include much oil in them; however, their taste is definitely delicious and people love to try the Chinese cuisines more than once. Indian foods are spicy and delicious and it is only through food promotion that people have come to know about them.

Role of food promotion in promoting Malaysia

A country can be promoted by different important factors and features that it has. Not only are people interested in viewing the exotic places that are present in Malaysia but in order to make their stay interesting, they also try the food that is available over there. Good food promotion can also leave a good impression for the people who visit the place and try the cuisines for the first time.

Where to eat in Kuala Lampur


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Kuala Lampur is well-known for its scenery, beauty and sights that it has to offer. Apart from these tourists will find that Kuala Lampur is home to many cuisines of different sorts. The food is inspired by various regions in Asia such as China and India. Since Kuala Lampur has also become one of the major hotspots for tourists its foods have modified and westernized for foreigners with varying interests.

Coffee lovers will love Kuala Lumpur- a number of Kopitiams (coffee shops) can be found in Kuala Lumpur. If you are expecting to see elegant and stylish cafes you may be disappointed. Kopitiams are Chinese restaurants that do not offer anything fancy- in fact the food and drinks offered here are simple and cheap. There are no air-conditioners here and ceiling fans are used to provide cool. They are noisy and loud and the food is ordered and made on the spot. You could always grab breakfast or lunch from kopitiams if you are looking to save money.

Mamaks can be found on almost every roadside. These were initially open stalls that were set up by Indian Muslims. Mamaks have become a ‘hangout spot’ for many young men and women who come here to enjoy good Indian food, such as tea and chapatti with curry, and relax as they talk and just look for a place where they can have a good time and food.

Night markets are known as Pasar Malams and many people come here for snacks, pastries and household items. Savory items such as cookies and cakes (made locally) can be found here, too. Of course, stalls selling heavier foods can be found here as well and these offer foods such as noodles, roasted ducks, kebabs and other such foods.

Food courts (also known as Medan Selera) can be found within small shops in the city. Dishes of various parts of Asia can be found here. Though food stalls typically offer Chinese, Malaysian and/or Indian foods (or a mixture of these), Thai, Japanese, and Western foods can be found, too.

A large number of restaurants can be found in Kuala Lampur. These restaurants offer a number of exotic foods and diverse cuisines- Indian, Hakkan, and Chinese cuisines, too. Foods enjoyed internationally (Italian and French, for example) are offered at these restaurants, too, which make them all the more diverse. The restaurants are, hence, diverse and offer a wide range of cuisines and food choices to foreigners, locals and tourists.

Since Kuala Lampur has modernized a lot, so that different people can enjoy themselves here and unwind, you will find a number of pubs and cafes which offer western beverages and while some of these cafes and pubs offer foods with more of a local theme, the others offer foods that are franchised from other countries such as Starbucks Coffee. You can relax and have a good time here, at the cafes, by enjoying European pastries and drinking a range of cold coffees. At the pubs tourists can enjoy the blaring loud music and drink imported brands of beers and spirits that are enjoyed by many foreigners who come to Kuala Lampur. These pubs and cafes are designed and made in a manner that imitates and captures the décor and style of western pubs and cafes of the same sort.

For tourists looking to spend their money on good services and international cuisines, Kuala Lampur’s fine dining restaurants would be the ideal places for you to go. You can enjoy a range of foods, first class services and food that tastes good and keeps you full!

Unconventional gifts for random events and anniversaries



For annual events or rare situations, giving the same event gift over and over again can be very tiring for the one receiving. It is important to go beyond the comfort zone. If you have a budget to give something to your special someone, that should allow you more freedom to be creative and adventurous. Here we offer some key gifting ideas that you will love. Our goal is to give any kind of gift, be it a birthday or anniversary gift in a need-based fashion meaning they will use, appreciate, and will always remember it.

A gift of recognition

It is not every day do we make our special someone feel recognized for his or her efforts, affection and love for us. A perfect gift would come from an awards and trophy supplier. A custom made trophy or plaque is a magnificent gift from kids to parents for anniversaries. They are the cherries on top. A gift of recognition is rare for close families but if you go beyond your comfort zone, you will definitely surprise and amaze them that you did all that effort just to make them feel loved and appreciated. Of course, make sure that you have other gifts to include apart from this gift.

A gift of adventure

A perfect match for your surprise from the awards and trophy supplier would have to be a nice trip or vacation package. Travel is a very common thing right now and buying tickets and hotel reservations can be very cost effective. Giving travel gift is amazing. Make sure that you have the itinerary set so that they do not have to worry on finding the adventure. Let them enjoy some bungee jumping, paragliding, or sky diving activity. If that is too extreme, a nice yacht or boat reservation can be a nice adventure for the couple celebrating their anniversary.

Gifts that keep on giving

Some gifts may seem unconventional for others in a way that they are not symbolic like rings and other stuff. The gift of practicality can be a bit off-putting for some but with today’s economic conditions, a diamond ring may not be as practical an investment as other items. The key to buying practical items is that you know that the person will never guess that you could and you will buy that item. Like a high end refrigerator with spacious interiors since that person is fond of organizing the kitchen and always complains that the refrigerator is too small.

The gift of health

From spa treatments and health centers, the gift of health covers a wide range of options. You can give a birthday gift like a 2 day stay at a relaxing spa resort where they can get the full range of healthy treatments. It could be a gift certificate for a health store or organic foods store. It could also be a nice watch that they can use when doing their exercise or a pedometer and calorie counter for exercising.

If you follow these tips, you will find that giving an anniversary or birthday gift will be more meaningful and useful.

The History of Food Delivery Services


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Explaining food delivery services

All of the main restaurants around the globe include food delivery services so that they can facilitate their customers whenever possible. Even though a large proportion of population wants to spend their free time going out to different exotic restaurants with their friends and families however on some occasions they also prefer to have the prepared food delivered at their home. There might be occasions when a person might expect visitors and does not have enough time to prepare a meal for them. The weather conditions and home get-togethers may also cause people to use the home delivery services of their favorite restaurants when they are unable to go out. There is no doubt that this service has increased the demand for customers for restaurants who are making use of them.

History of food delivery services

Even though people these days rely a lot on the food delivery services but the question still remains, how did this service originate and from where did this idea come from? According to studies, it was the period of World War II when this service was started because most of the homes and kitchen appliances of a large population was destroyed and they did not have any place or food to cook. The role of Women Volunteer Service was prominent at this time that was also previously involved in delivery food to servicemen. In Hemel Hempstead in 1947, the service was properly started by delivering warm and pre-cooked food to people through prams instead of vans.

The spreading of this idea

From UK, the idea of food delivery services soon spread to United States, which adopted it as well in Philadelphia. Apart from delivering food to those who required it, they also aimed to provide food delivery to those households that were poor and bounded to their homes. The government made sure that the quota of every house is fulfilled so that people do not stay hungry. This method soon spread to other parts of the country as well including New York and Columbus. When other parts of the world also came to know about the service and the benefits related to them, they also excelled in this field. In Australia, the food delivery services started in 1952.

Modern food delivery services

With the passage of time, a lot of changes and improvement was made to make this service more attractive than ever. Most of the famous restaurants introduced their toll free numbers so that customers could call on these numbers without incurring any charges. On the other hand, with the passage of time, the idea of free home delivery of food was also introduced which was appreciated by the customers. In this way, people could not only call the restaurants for free but also get hold of the food that they require without incurring any cost of transaction. This shows that food delivery services play a crucial role in the food and restaurant industry and due to the high level of competition; this has proved to be a major factor that affects the demand of people.