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Explaining food delivery services

All of the main restaurants around the globe include food delivery services so that they can facilitate their customers whenever possible. Even though a large proportion of population wants to spend their free time going out to different exotic restaurants with their friends and families however on some occasions they also prefer to have the prepared food delivered at their home. There might be occasions when a person might expect visitors and does not have enough time to prepare a meal for them. The weather conditions and home get-togethers may also cause people to use the home delivery services of their favorite restaurants when they are unable to go out. There is no doubt that this service has increased the demand for customers for restaurants who are making use of them.

History of food delivery services

Even though people these days rely a lot on the food delivery services but the question still remains, how did this service originate and from where did this idea come from? According to studies, it was the period of World War II when this service was started because most of the homes and kitchen appliances of a large population was destroyed and they did not have any place or food to cook. The role of Women Volunteer Service was prominent at this time that was also previously involved in delivery food to servicemen. In Hemel Hempstead in 1947, the service was properly started by delivering warm and pre-cooked food to people through prams instead of vans.

The spreading of this idea

From UK, the idea of food delivery services soon spread to United States, which adopted it as well in Philadelphia. Apart from delivering food to those who required it, they also aimed to provide food delivery to those households that were poor and bounded to their homes. The government made sure that the quota of every house is fulfilled so that people do not stay hungry. This method soon spread to other parts of the country as well including New York and Columbus. When other parts of the world also came to know about the service and the benefits related to them, they also excelled in this field. In Australia, the food delivery services started in 1952.

Modern food delivery services

With the passage of time, a lot of changes and improvement was made to make this service more attractive than ever. Most of the famous restaurants introduced their toll free numbers so that customers could call on these numbers without incurring any charges. On the other hand, with the passage of time, the idea of free home delivery of food was also introduced which was appreciated by the customers. In this way, people could not only call the restaurants for free but also get hold of the food that they require without incurring any cost of transaction. This shows that food delivery services play a crucial role in the food and restaurant industry and due to the high level of competition; this has proved to be a major factor that affects the demand of people.