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Kuala Lampur is well-known for its scenery, beauty and sights that it has to offer. Apart from these tourists will find that Kuala Lampur is home to many cuisines of different sorts. The food is inspired by various regions in Asia such as China and India. Since Kuala Lampur has also become one of the major hotspots for tourists its foods have modified and westernized for foreigners with varying interests.

Coffee lovers will love Kuala Lumpur- a number of Kopitiams (coffee shops) can be found in Kuala Lumpur. If you are expecting to see elegant and stylish cafes you may be disappointed. Kopitiams are Chinese restaurants that do not offer anything fancy- in fact the food and drinks offered here are simple and cheap. There are no air-conditioners here and ceiling fans are used to provide cool. They are noisy and loud and the food is ordered and made on the spot. You could always grab breakfast or lunch from kopitiams if you are looking to save money.

Mamaks can be found on almost every roadside. These were initially open stalls that were set up by Indian Muslims. Mamaks have become a ‘hangout spot’ for many young men and women who come here to enjoy good Indian food, such as tea and chapatti with curry, and relax as they talk and just look for a place where they can have a good time and food.

Night markets are known as Pasar Malams and many people come here for snacks, pastries and household items. Savory items such as cookies and cakes (made locally) can be found here, too. Of course, stalls selling heavier foods can be found here as well and these offer foods such as noodles, roasted ducks, kebabs and other such foods.

Food courts (also known as Medan Selera) can be found within small shops in the city. Dishes of various parts of Asia can be found here. Though food stalls typically offer Chinese, Malaysian and/or Indian foods (or a mixture of these), Thai, Japanese, and Western foods can be found, too.

A large number of restaurants can be found in Kuala Lampur. These restaurants offer a number of exotic foods and diverse cuisines- Indian, Hakkan, and Chinese cuisines, too. Foods enjoyed internationally (Italian and French, for example) are offered at these restaurants, too, which make them all the more diverse. The restaurants are, hence, diverse and offer a wide range of cuisines and food choices to foreigners, locals and tourists.

Since Kuala Lampur has modernized a lot, so that different people can enjoy themselves here and unwind, you will find a number of pubs and cafes which offer western beverages and while some of these cafes and pubs offer foods with more of a local theme, the others offer foods that are franchised from other countries such as Starbucks Coffee. You can relax and have a good time here, at the cafes, by enjoying European pastries and drinking a range of cold coffees. At the pubs tourists can enjoy the blaring loud music and drink imported brands of beers and spirits that are enjoyed by many foreigners who come to Kuala Lampur. These pubs and cafes are designed and made in a manner that imitates and captures the décor and style of western pubs and cafes of the same sort.

For tourists looking to spend their money on good services and international cuisines, Kuala Lampur’s fine dining restaurants would be the ideal places for you to go. You can enjoy a range of foods, first class services and food that tastes good and keeps you full!