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Malaysia -The best place for food lovers

Food promotion has helped Malaysia to attract many local and foreign tourists from all around the world. The tourism industry of Malaysia has flourished considerably over the past few years and not only have they been able to attract tourists towards the beautiful mountains and natural scenery that it has but people are also interested in trying the amazing cuisines that are available in this country. Recent studies have shown that when other economies were suffering from the shocks of recession, Malaysia was amongst those few countries which was able to achieve a magnificent growth rate in the number of tourists that visited that place which shows that its promotional techniques has been effective.

What are the top five cuisines that have promoted the food and tourism industry of Malaysia?

Food promotion proved to be crucial in the development and growth of Malaysian economy. This has shown that a nation needs to promote its strengths and main sectors so that people are attracted towards them People would not be able to know about the food or places of any country if the country itself does not make sufficient efforts to highlight and promote them. The top five cuisines of Malaysia include Roti Canai, Chilli Pan Mee, Malaysian Satay, Char Kuay Teow and Nasi Lemak etc. There are several other cuisines, which could make a person’s mouth water just by looking at them and enhaling their delicious aroma. People from all around the world love to try the Malaysian cuisines whenever they visit the place and this is also because of the hospitable nature of the Malaysians. However, the fat cannot be ignored that food promotion has contributed a lot in creating demand for the cuisines.

What is a major feature of the cuisines of Malaysia?

Malaysia includes people who belong to different cultural backgrounds. Apart from Malays, there is also a large chunk of population of Chinese people and also Indians. This is the main reason why there is a large variety in the cuisines in this country. People from different regions around the world can visit this place and eat the food that they fin delicious. The Malay cuisines mostly include ingredients such as pandan leaves, fresh herbs, lemon grass, kunyit and wild ginger buds etc. Chinese foods are mostly crisp and fresh because they do not include much oil in them; however, their taste is definitely delicious and people love to try the Chinese cuisines more than once. Indian foods are spicy and delicious and it is only through food promotion that people have come to know about them.

Role of food promotion in promoting Malaysia

A country can be promoted by different important factors and features that it has. Not only are people interested in viewing the exotic places that are present in Malaysia but in order to make their stay interesting, they also try the food that is available over there. Good food promotion can also leave a good impression for the people who visit the place and try the cuisines for the first time.